FBA Annual Meeting

Springfield, IL

June 18, 1999

The annual meeting was opened by FBA President, Grand Blackburn at 8 p.m.

Those present were Grant Blackburn, Paul Hunter, Lonnie & Patti Cook.

Patti read the minutes from the 1998 annual meeting held in Longmont, CO. Paul moved & Lonnie seconded the approval of the minutes.


The Treasurers Report was read by Lonnie Cook. At the end of 1998 there was a balance of $813. At the start of 1998 the balance was about $2500. The large decrease was due to the cost of setting up the new registrar for our registrations and for the cost of the new display. The June 1 1999 balance was $1617. There was some discussion on the Templeton Mutual Bond. It was mentioned that there were 180 registrations in the past year (1998) and 97 so far this year (1999) .


The terms of Linda Witt & Clifford Hatch have expired. Lonnie read an e-mail via Elizabeth Luke in which she nominated Lonnie Cook & Sandy DeMaster for directors. Grant nominated Naomi Smith. Nothing was found in the constitution that a person needs to attend 2 of the last 3 general meetings to be elected as a director. It was moved & seconded that Lonnie & Sandy be directors this year and bring in Naomi Smith next year.



Karey Kleghorn introduced herself to the Finn Breeders at the sale grounds today. Karey runs the breed registry and advised all was well with Finn registrations.


It was noted that there was not as much response this year to the combined breeders ad in the Shepherd. There was some discussion on whether or not to advertise again next year. It was decided to offer it again to the breeders.


The semen from Finland has been imported. There are photos of the ram selections on the web page. If anyone is interested they are to contact Elite Genetics. Their phone number is 319-568-4551.


The display has been used several times this past year with good response.


There have been some 2500 hits from around the world on the web page since December 1997. It costs $90. every 6 months to run the web page. It was decided that the web sight be paid out of the general fund at present.


The Corporate address for the Finnsheep Breeders Assoc. has previously been Pipestone in Minnesota and due to neglect has not been an active entity. CT Corporate Systems was hired to re-instate the Association as a Corporation. Grand Blackburn will be contacting John Frank, a Finn breeder, in Minnesota to see if we can use his address as the Corporate address which would save the Association $200 per year.


The questionnaire results showed a strong interest in health issues, not changing the breed standard and also an interest in updating the Finnsheep logo. The options as to a health standard were discussed. Voluntary individual standards is a possibility. It was suggested that a committee be put together to form a health standard. The directors will work more closely with these & other concerns the questionnaire presented in their meeting. Paul Hunter is to head up this committee.


Naomi Smith had attended a Seed Stock meeting in Maryland and had suggested to Grant that our Association become involved. Paul Hunter has attended their meetings in the past. He gave some background information on the organization and voiced his concerns in joining. It was decided to not join at this time.


There was some discussion on having the transfers done on a timely basis & possibly using a sliding scale fee. The directors will approach this matter more closely in their meeting.


Because of the written correspondence and results of the survey the consensus was to leave the standard as is for now.

Paul Hunter moved to adjourn the meeting at 10 p.m.