FBA Board of Directors Meeting

Springfield, IL

June 19, 1999

The directors meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. Those attending were Lonnie and Patti Cook, Paul Hunter and Grant Blackburn.

The minutes from the 1998 meeting in Longmont, Colorado were read & approved.


Discussion focused on increasing the annual dues, directory listing fees and raising transfer fees along with a deadline. Grant suggested we implement a new regime of fees. It was decided that, starting January 1, 2000, the annual dues will be $25. Those paying the annual dues would receive a discount on registrations as in the past. Breeders listing will be $30. The listing in the newsletter will include name, address plus 20 words. Anything over and above the 20 words will be $1.00 a line. The $30 charge also includes the web page listing. Transfers will be 2 1/2 times normal fee after 90 days past physical

transfer of sheep. For non-members or if annual dues have not been paid registrations/transfers will be Double the regular fee. New membership

will be $35 which includes the annual fee.


The nominees were Grant Blackburn and Sandy DeMaster for President. Since there was a tie on the vote Paul moved we keep our current slate of officers. It was seconded.


Elizabeth Luke agreed to continue as the Association Secretary. Grant will confirm Sandy's decision to stay on as Treasurer.


Grant proposed that while Harry Koenig has done an excellent job with the newsletter, we should rotate the responsibility. Grace Hatton has expressed an interest in the editorship. Lonnie moved to allow someone else to take over as it was 12 month trial position and that we accept Grace as the new editor. It was seconded.


Per the discussion at the annual meeting, it was the director's decision not to change the Breed Standard at this time.


Paul Hunter volunteered to take care of putting together a suggested Health Standard. There will be information presented in the next newsletter asking for suggestions.


The decision was made to have no National Sale next year and that we correspond our annual meeting with a symposium or something of similar nature.


If the price of the Short Tales can be reduced, it was suggested that it be sent out 3 times a year. There was discussion as to having the previous edition of the newsletter on the Web Page and also the possibility of sending the newsletter via e-mail to those who have access to help save postage and printing costs. There was no decision made on this subject.

Paul moved and Lonnie seconded to adjourn the Director's Meeting.