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( ) Applying for Membership - $35
( ) Breeders’ Directory - $30
( ) Annual Dues - $25

( Flock Prefix - $10 per letter
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Lifetime Membership Application

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Commercial Producer( )
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I/we agree to be governed by the rules, regulations, constitution, and bylaws of the association as amended from time to time, and to keep a written memorandum of breeding, exact birth dates, and litter size of Finnsheep, and further that I/we will furnish promptly any information concerning same at any time when requested to do so by the association.
A remittance of $35.00 is enclosed.



Breeders’ Directory Listing

Fee: $30.00 per three-issue year January 1 to December 31 and web-page listing...FBA members only.
The listing is sorted by state and is updated before each issue. The directory is sent to people inquiring about the breed and to fairs and shows. It is exhibited at fairs, etc. with the Breed Display.
Please check:Purebred Finns ( )
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Annual Dues

Fee: $25.00* payable by Jan 7 of each calendar year. For this fee members receive:

Short Tales

Meeting Minutes and Annual Report

All other pertinent mailings from the FBA

* If you do not pay the Annual Dues you wil not receive the FBA newsletter and your registration fees will be doubled

Flock Prefix

One Time Fee: $10.00 per letter A flock prefix enables exclusive use of your name or that of your farm or flock on registrations. You could use your last name, the full name of your farm, or some initials.

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Other Information

INSTRUCTIONS: To apply for membership, to get your flock into the Breeders’ Directory for a year, to pay the yearly activity and promotional fee, or to reserve a flock prefix, please fill out your name and address at the top of the page. This will help us to keep our records current and to credit your payment to your acount. Then fill out the relevant information, and mail this form to:
Finnsheep Breeders' Assn, 1557 173rd st, Milo IA 50166

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