Advertising rates and procedures

CLASSIFIED: As always, email is best. Send your ad copy to Put "ST Classified" in the subject line.
Send hard copy and fee to Short Tales, C/- Grace Hatton HC 8 Box 8151, Hawley, PA 18428
Counting Words:
Phone numbers count as one word. Each number and two letter initial count as one word. For example "I. M. Wright" is two words, and "P. O. Box 999" is three words. Hyphenated words, (e.g.: Jones-Smythe) count as separate words.

Rates Per Issue:
per word:
members $.10
nonmembers $.15
Display: Business card (approx.. 2" by 3.5" — we'll work with you)
members $5.00
nonmembers $7.50
Page: (approx. 3.5" by 5")
members $10.00
nonmembers $15.00
Page: (approx. 3.5" by 10" or 7" by 5")
members $20.00
nonmembers $30.00
Full Page (approx. 7" by 10")
members $40.00
nonmembers $60.00
Camera-ready art becomes the property of the FBA and will not be returned.
No ad will be printed without advance payment.
We will try to check classified copy with you but we are not responsible for errors.
Digitized art can be sent to our email address, 300+ pixels per inch will give the most satisfactory results. We can handle most file formats but we prefer .gif, jpeg, or .tif files.

Deadline for Ads and Articles

Deadline for the January 2000 issue is January 2, 2000. This includes advertisements and Breeders' Directory Listing.

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