Animal Health


Scrapie is a degenerative, NON-curable disease that costs the producers much and the sheep even more… The USDA began to eradicate the scrapie disease with the idea of having it eliminated by 2017. The scrapie disease has been decreasing steadily in the US due to hard work on the part of producers. New changes to the program apply as of June 2013. Producers have until November 18, 2013 to notify the APHIS Vet Services (VS) rep in their area of their choice.

OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia)

This NON-curable disease is so predominant within the sheep population in the United States that an awareness of its damaging affect should be encouraged. All breeds are susceptible; new research is showing that levels of resistance are possible. A new test protocol to determine resistance factors has been developed. Through testing and selection, this disease can and should be eliminated.