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The Finnsheep Breeders Directory is a service provided to our members and their potential customers. FBA members pay a fee to have their farms listed here.  The information below has been provided by the listing members and should not be considered a guarantee or endorsement by the Finnsheep Breeders’ Association. For information to consider when buying Finnsheep, please consult our Buyer’s Guide.

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Shawna & Nels Bloom
Beau Peeps Sheep
PO Box 337
Homeland, CA 92548
(951) 733-2000

Flock prefix: BPS
Breeders of purebred registered Finnsheep. QR and RR genetics available. Registered Sheep For Sale. Located in California.

Tamara Myers
Medley Farm & Kennel
13470 Alabama Rd
Galt, CA 95632
(209) 748-5046

Purebred Finnsheep, Cross-Bred Finnsheep (Wensleydale)
Purebred, registered adult animals as well as lambs, fleeces, pelts and fiber pets. White, black, brown, grey, fawn and pied.

(951) 236-7766

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Amy Couture
39 Deer Lane
Morris, CT 06763
(860) 361-6495

Small flock of high quality, purebred Finns raised on a small farm in the hills of Litchfield County.

Chris & Beth Fallon
Barefeet Farm
459 Sawmill Hill Rd
Sterling, CT 06377
(860) 774-5331

Purebred Finn breeders, raw wool and lambs for sale in late spring and early fall. Roving available in grey, brown and off-white.

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Dale L Amendt
6815 Waterman Blvd
Sutherland, IA 51058
(712) 446-3489

Purebred Finnsheep. Crossbred Finnsheep (Finn X Suffolk, Finn X Corriedale)

Marvin Blair
3402 Fletcher Ave
Lake City, IA 51449
(712) 464-8153

Purebred Finnsheep. Crossbred Finnsheep (Finn X Hamp & Finn Dorset)

Clark E BreDahl
Mormon Trail Farm
1911 290th St
Greenfeild, IA 50849-8016
(641) 745-2323

Flock ID: IA 3752 Prefix: MTF
Purebred white Finnsheep. Crossbred Finnsheep (Finn x Dorset x Ille De France.) Foot rot free; OPP flock test negative, NSIP flock, complete production/performance data available.

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Bryan & Elizabeth Pullen
Walnut Springs Farm
11111 W Park School Rd
Princeville, IL 61559
(309) 385-4637

Healthy registered Finnsheep, Finn crosses (Shetland, Border Leicester) Cotswold, and Merino cross available. Breeding stock, market lambs, and 4h stock available. Beautiful fleeces and rovings available.

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David & Pam Hoover
Rooster's Run Farm
5197 SW Washington Sch Rd
Salem, IN 47167
(812) 896-1223

Purebred Finnsheep, Cross-Bred Finnsheep (Finn/Cormo, Finn/Border Leicester).
Scrapie Flock# IN 88035.
Kromski Spinning Wheels & weaving equipment, Howard Drum Carders, Fleeces, yarns, roving. FB:RoostersRunFarm.

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John & Mary O'Malley
Honeysuckle Farm
1600 Ednor Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20905
(301) 421-9520

Purebred Finnsheep, Finncross breeding stock, meat, rovings.

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Melanie Lainey
Summitview Farm
907 Island Falls Rd
Sherman, ME 04776
(207) 267-5287

Purebred Finnsheep
I have a small flock of high quality Finnsheep with my flock sire originating from StillMeadow Farm in DeRuyter, NY. In addition to my Finns I also raise purebred Icelandics.

Joanna Porter
Cabriole Farm
360 Loud Rd
Plymouth, ME 04969
(207) 299-4072

Purebred Finnsheep
Finn lambs, fleece & yarns.

Kathleen & Ben Stern
Sweet Clover Farm
248 Belgrade Rd
Mt Vernon, ME 04352
(207) 293-2615

Registered purebred Finnsheep and crossbred (Finn x Romney, Finn x Columbia.) Registered Finnsheep raised for breeding stock and quality wool. Raw fleeces, spinning batts.

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Heidi Quist
Prairie Willows Farm
31015 Olinda Trail
Lindstrom, MN 55045
(651) 238-5370

Scrapie Flock ID: MN05935
Registered colored Finnsheep and Finn x Gotland cross. Specializing in quality fleece for spinning, weaving and felting. Breeding stock available.

Tim Reese
Gale Woods Farm Park
7210 Cty Rd 110 W
Minnetista, MN 55364
(763) 694-2002

Purebred Finnsheep. Corriedale/Finn Crosses.
Flock Prefix: TRP.
SFCP Enrolled Status since 2005; Flock# MN 43.
Gale Woods is an educational farm. Products include wool & yarn, lamb, beef, poultry, hogs, and a vegetable CSA.

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Laurie Moxley
Moxley Farm
10510 Boulder Rd
Mt Grove, MO 65711
(417) 926-3618

Purebred Finnsheep
OPP testing, not selling breeding stock at this time. Breeding for health, size, fleece, good mothers, scrapie resistant genetics. White, black, fading black, piebald, black badgerface. Short fiber felting batts and roving for sale.

13542 FLORA DR
(660) 349-5067

Scrapie Flock: MO8479
Breeder of Purebred Finnsheep and Finn/Babydoll crosses. Breeding pairs and trios available. Several colors and patterns available!

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North Dakota

Paul Mahin
Apple Haven Ranch
3960 41 S Ave SE
Tappen, ND 58487
(701) 471-4992

Flock prefix: AHR
Purebred rams available from quadruplet and quintuplet ewes and quintuplet ram.

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New Hampshire

Kathy M Bugbee
Tailwinds Farm
45 Collins Rd.
Warner, NH 03278
(603) 456-3196

Flock Prefix: Tailwinds
Registered purebred Finnsheep. White and colored.

(603) 554-7098

Small flock (11 ewes, 3 rams) w/ great genetics (2 RR ewes & many QRs), various colors, great wool, friendly.

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New Jersey

Eunice J Bench
Seven Springs
105 Lilac Dr.
Annadale, NJ 08801-3454
(908) 730-7189

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New Mexico

(772) 341-7441

Breeder of Registered Finnsheep. Lambs, Rams, and Ewes for Sale. Largest Registered flock in the Southwest.

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New York

(607) 725-4844

Purebred registered Finnsheep, white and grey badgerface. R-gene heterozygous and homozygous, OPP free, scrapie enrolled. Finnsheep breeders since 2000.

Elizabeth H. Kinne Gossner
Stillmeadow Finnsheep
5883 Randall Hill Rd
De Ruyter, NY 13052
(315) 852-3344

Flock #NY69 - SFCP Certified Scrapie Free, September 2012
Biosecure Closed Purebred Finnsheep Flock, O.P.P.Negative
Bred for Maternalism & Fleece since 1994, White & Colors
Registered Starter Flocks Available.
Finn Wools & Traditional Wheel Formed Pottery for sale.

Lisa G Konnerth
Bay Haven Short Tails
80 Bay Rd
Brookhaven, NY 11719
(631) 776-0279

We are a small fiber farm located on the south shore of Long Island. We raise Finnsheep and Angora rabbits.

Richard Parsons, Jr DVM & Marla Parsons
Burnt Mill Farm
174 Burnt Mill Rd
Churchville, NY 14428
(585) 739-1460

Scrapie Flock ID: NY111371
Flock prefix: BURNT MILL
Purebred finnsheep. Breeding stock, meat and wool. Based upon God's design, sustainable family farm. Pasture-raised chicken, brown eggs, naturally-grown vegetables and handmade soap. Facebook page: Burntmillfarm.

Teresa A Fallon & Andrew J Nagerl
Ironwood Hill Farm
PO Box 404
Newark Valley, NY 13811
(607) 237-1788

Purebred Finnsheep, Commercial Breeder
Specializing in Purebred Starter Flocks
OPP Negative Flock; Disease Free & Biosecure
Scrapie Resistant R genes; Scrapie Flock ID NY111226
Commercial Whites & All Colors and Patterns
Correct Conformation; High Quality Fleece and Fine Wool Products

Charles Oakley
Campbell Spur Farm
PO Box 373
186 Stanley Campbell Spur
Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746-3345

Flock Prefix: Oak
Purebred Registered Finnsheep; white and colored. Lambs available beginning of July. Meat and starter flocks.

Herb & Mary Tucker
Lighthouse Farm
PO Box 85
8885 Daggett Hollow Rd
W Clarksville, NY 14786-0085
(585) 928-1721

Export Flock: NY 103.
Purebred Finnsheep and Finn x Dorset x Ile de France. Healthy, Wide genetic flock, White or Natural colored; scrapie Resistant R genes in Accelerated Lambing Plan. Records since 2005.

Sheila Warden
Sawyer Creek Farm
80 California Rd
Gouverneur, NY 13642
(315) 287-0437

Scrapie Flock ID: NY119 - Flock Prefix: SawyerCreek.
Purebred Finnsheep originating from Stillmeadow Finnsheep. Very friendly and prolific breed. Registered breeding stock, fleeces, pelts, yarn and meat. Sawyer Creek Farm also produces naturally raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Facebook page: Sawyer Creek Farm.

Sten & Caraleigh Wilson
Point of View Farm Finnsheep
PO Box 535
Bangall, NY 12506
(845) 868-4140

Flock ID: NY120
Purebred Finnsheep breeding stock, premium wool products and USDA lamb. Biosecure farm, high performance genetics and health standards producing, efficient and versatile Finnsheep with excellent rates of gain. Enrolled USDA export scrapie program. Entire flock tested OPP negative annually. Following the traditions of our family in Finland.

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Hannah Smits
Hannahs Happy Finn Sheep
3706 Bass Rd
Williamsburg, OH 45176
(513) 724-2679

Purebred Finnsheep.

Gayle Workman
Meadowlark Farm
20090 Fred-Amity Rd
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
(954) 290-0737

Breeding Finnsheep and Finn x Dorset crosses for health, conformation, beautiful fleeces, and maternal abilities. Discounts for fiber pets available.

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Jan & Dale Hamby
Fair Winds Farm, LLC
2 Fair Winds Farm
Quarryville, PA 17566
(717) 239-9215

Flock Prefix: HMB
Purebred Finnsheep with very fine fleece and lovely personalities. Wool and alpaca fiber and yarn. Expected availabilities Early Summer 2015.

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Megan Pennington
Circle M Farm
204 Straight Fork Rd
Huntsville, TN 37756
(423) 539-8634

Purebred Finnsheep
We offer breeding stock, including starter flocks, rams/ewes for crossbreeding, fiber pets,freezer lambs and a variety of wool products. Find links to us on Facebook and Etsy on our website.

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Douglas & Dorothy Rogers
West End
677 Crosshills Rd.
Heathsville, VA 22473
(804) 580-4151

Naomi Smith
House Mountain Farm
1765 Jacktown Rd
Lexington, VA 24450
(540) 463-6062

Purebred Finnsheep. SFCP - enrolled since 1999; flock# VA 17. Farm established in 1985 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Flock of 100 breeding ewes, mostly quads and quints. Bred for size, multiple births, mothering ability and structural correctness. Glen Avon and Root bloodlines. Also rams available for cross-breeding.

Will Stewart
Skyemoor Farm
40101 Highland View Lane
Paeonian Springs, VA 20129
(540) 882-4872

Purebred Finnsheep (registered). Cross-Bred Finnsheep (North Country Cheviot, Romney)
Variety of colors (BF, BL, BR, white.) Scrapie resistant (R gene at condon 171) Breeding stock available.

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Siri Swanson
Dancing Moon Farm
363 Fisher Road
Orwell, VT 05760
(802) 948-2867

Purebred registered Finnsheep and Finn crosses in white and color. Breed for fleece and carcass quality, and maternity.

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Dan and Leanne Hughes
Triple L Finnsheep
89202 N Harrington Rd
West Richland, WA 99353
(509) 539-6745

Scrapie Flock ID: WA2252; SFCP - certified.
Purebred Finnsheep.
Finnsheep breeder since 1982, focusing on size, productivity, milking ability and fleece quality. Scrapie resistant QR animals available. Wide range of bloodlines - let us help you make the perfect starter flock! White, brown, black, pied, gray and badger colors. Wool sold on our Etsy store under Hughes Ewes.

Debra L Perry
Dancing Waters Farm
4925 163rd LN SW
Rochester, WA 98579
(360) 273-9917

Purebred Finnsheep
Registered and unregistered flock bred for fiber, form, function.

Emily Tzeng
8997 NE Day Rd
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(443) 350-7207

Breeding for the small farmstead, with a focus on fiber and good temperament.

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West Virginia

Becky Crabtree
Brigadoon Farm
Rt. 2 Box 22
Lindside, WV 24951
(304) 753-3588

Breeding purebred Finnsheep and Fainting Goats. Small family farm specializing in spoiling sheep, goats and grandchildren.

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Number of Listed Breeders: 44